Thursday, May 31, 2018

Food Box

Kubota is graduating from high school.  We are giving him a food box filled with items he knows how to prepare.

He will continue to live at home at least through the summer.  Historically, his body clock drifts away from ours.  He does not eat when we eat.  Then he expects Mrs ERJ to prepare him meals at odd times.

This is an inventory of the contents.  It is a guess as to what he will eat.  We can compare the contents in a few weeks to the starting inventory and get a picture of what he is using and what he is not touching.

The card lists the number of each item pictured.  That is, two Dinty Moore Beef Stew and two Dinty Moore Chicken and Dumplings.  ***Two weeks later...all four cans are still in the box***

***Two weeks later, all Mac and Cheese gone as are two Cheeseburger Macaroni.  Cheesy shells not touched.***

***Two weeks later, Au Gratin remains, Asiago and bacon gone.***

***Crackers gone, soup remains.***

***Pasta sides gone.  Tuna remains.***

***All Ramen noodle soup gone.***
This post is more for my records than anything else.

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  1. No cheetos? Spam? Spray cheeze?

    What kind of parents are you?


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