Tuesday, May 22, 2018

The Progressives are right

Bloggers write stupid things at four in the morning when we cannot sleep.  That is my excuse for this post.

The progressives are right.  Addressing "mental health" will not solve the issue of school violence.

School violence is the canary-in-the-coalmine.  It is the whistle of the pressure relief valve, the dinging of the alarms when the reactor red-lines.

The progressives are right.  Addressing "mental health" issues will not solve school violence because the entire progressive utopia is designed to make men insane.

Hyperbole?  Let me give you a few examples:
Gender is whatever the subject wants it to be at any given second.  Failure to address the subject by whatever, arbitrary honorific is considered an act of aggression the equivalent of physical, sexual assault.

Men are inherently violent.  White men are inherently most violent.  How can that be?  Gender is fluid, that is, not real.  Does claiming to be a rainbow smurf instead of a white man make me trustworthy?

The Truth will Set you Free
Voicing objective, measurable facts will get you fired or suspended.
  • As a group, men are physically stronger than women.  
  • Men, as a group, won't live as long.   
  • As a group, "IQ" will vary based on genetics.
  • Genetics means that some races, as a group, will be physically larger and more muscular than other races.

Dance, puppet.  Dance
Girls are sexualized by age 12.  Yoga pants are as revealing as body paint.  Fashion shows large amounts of cleavage and side-boob.  Yet girls are automatically virgin ice-queens if a boy asks her to go out twice.  Perhaps she lets him off easy the first time by giving him an excuse.  He, being socially inept does not take the hint and asks a second time.

She can publicly humiliate him and slag him on social media and his only recourse is to change schools.

Handy man
Men who work with their hands are both feared and despised.  Toby Keith's song High Maintenance Woman slyly plays on  the tony crowd's secret belief that men who work with their hands are "creepy".

How many articles have you seen where the premise is framed as a choice between "Go to college" and "Go to prison"?  "A year in grade school only costs $7000 a year while a year in prison costs $30,000.  Don't you think we should 'invest in our youth' so they can go to college?"

Men in the progressive utopia have a choice.  We can go to college and accrue $100,000 of debt and five more years of humiliating indoctrination (Both of which ensure future compliance) or we will be shipped off to prison.

"No Child Left Behind" is a statement of cultural imperialism.  Who is going to unplug the toilets, roof the houses, pour the concrete?  Oh, I get it...that is why we need undocumented immigrants.

Men are biologically programmed to seek respect.  Respect is the candle and we are the moths

The "progressive" utopia insults men without ceasing.  It insults with relentless ferocity and studied nuance.  That is not an unintended defect. That is their goal.

The one "bullet-proof" way to indoctrinate somebody into a cult is to ruthlessly apply classical conditioning to "teach" the newbies to never trust their senses and to instinctively reject their rational facilities.

The delicious looking brownies are made of feces.  The hot-water knob in the shower delivers icy-cold water.  Day-is-night and night-is-day.  Sleep is denied.  Hallucinogenic drugs are delivered in gross amounts.

Of course the progressives are terrified by guns, particularly men with guns.  School violence is the wind-sock that tells them a storm is coming.

That which is intolerable will not be tolerated.

But their terror is misplaced.  They should not be frightened of guns.  They should be terrified by their culpability.  They should be terrified of the biology, of the moth spiraling into the flame.

One can deny reality but the consequences don't care.  They are still gonna gitchya.

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  1. I don't even know where to begin other than to say "yup". I'm glad I'm an old guy now and don't have to navigate my way through this world as a young man. My son is 25 and I feel for him sometimes.

    Ignoring genetic differences and basic truths doesn't change the fact of the matter. It only makes you look like the emperor not wearing any clothes. Acknowledging those truths doesn't make it bad, just honest.


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