Friday, May 4, 2018

All are welcome!

I always wonder how welcome I would be if I showed up wearing camo, a MAGA hat and attempted to drink beer on their porch.  My gut feel is that most of the folks who post these signs are more comfortable with diversity as a vague, abstract concept than they are with the reality.
As reported earlier, I am spending a lot of time in my parent's neighborhood.

It is a cozy neighborhood with ginger-bread houses.  It is solidly "gentrified".  It has approximately 5% of the kids in it as when I was growing up.

I enjoy looking at the landscaping.

Lacebark Pine specimen.  Lacebark Pine is a "nut pine" from China.

Three needles to the bunch.

Russian Olive is an unconventional choice for a yard tree.

Hellebores, Mahonia, Rhododendrons are notable components in this area planting.

Many exotic conifers.  The risk of too many "weeping" conifers is that they can make the place look dreary when they get large and dominate the yard.   Cupressus nootkatensis, Pinus strobus, Larix kaempferi, Juniperus chinensis 'Tortulosa' and  Prunus subhirtella were well represented.

I like what they did with the pots.  It encloses the porch and makes it seem less exposed.  It also throws in some nice color elements.

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