Friday, May 18, 2018

The smallest chapel in Lansing, Michigan

One of my duties in caring for my aging parents is to walk my dad's dog.

She is fat and old, the dog...not my dad...and does not walk very far.  While her legs may only go two blocks her nose must travel two miles.  She stops at every tree and reads all the canine facebook posts.

Otherwise, I would have completely missed the smallest chapel in Lansing, Michigan.

This tree is about 14" in diameter and is growing between the sidewalk and street in front of an in-home daycare.  The altar is in plain sight.
Can you see it now?
How about now?
The three straight sticks are pews and the tiny box to the left of the door is an altar, maybe.

I wonder if St Cricket is buried beneath the altar.

I never would have seen it if my dad's dog did not take me for walks.

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  1. That is a neat find. Obviously that meant something to whomever did it!


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