Friday, May 25, 2018

Blogging will be light this weekend

I will be away from my computer this weekend.  Kubota's laptop no longer does WIFI.

The plan is for me to travel to Charlotte, North Carolina and spend the weekend.
Weather in Ohio when I went to watch Bella earlier this month.  Dwarf tossing is often held near college stadiums due to the close proximity of restaurants serving adult beverages.  Dwarves are notoriously thirst.

Belladonna was invited to a dwarf tossing tournament in Charlotte over Memorial Day weekend.  She invited me to watch.  Bella has not had a great dwarf tossing season.  The weather sucked which makes them slippery.  The dwarfs had been drinking.  Many of them were mouthy.

Still, Bella kept her chin up and kept throwing.  She threw well enough to be noticed and was invited to this event in Charlotte.

I think she is hoping for rain and 47 degree weather so she can feel at home.  Looking at the weather I think she will get half of what she wants.

This trip meshed nicely with the need to transport Southern Belle's new pup.  SB plans to drive up from Miami, FL after work.  Bella is not wild about having a pup around.  This is her time.

The truck is gassed up.  I topped off the diffy fluid and radiator fluid. The extra key wired to the truck frame where I can get to it when I do something stupid.  The iced tea is mixed.

My current plan is flexible.  Mrs ERJ advised me to stop every two hours and walk the pooch.  I would love to get as far as Western Virginia and then have a quick two or three hour run down, into Charlotte.
Burke's Garden is a karst feature.  It is a sinkhole created when caverns, 4 miles by 8 miles in dimension, collapsed.  Unfortunately, it is a little bit out-of-the-way.

I would love to have a chance to go walking around Appalachia.  

Pictures will be taken.  If I cannot report on the fly I will post an after-action report.


  1. Safe travels sir. Enjoy the trip.

  2. Drive safely - enjoy the pup time as much as you can. You'll get to see some pretty country.


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