Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Seven Chipmunks and three Mice...and counting

Seven chipmunks and counting

Three mice.  More than I expected.  All were nocturnal.
Image showing bait choice and presentation.
A quarter pecan continues to be the bait-of-choice.  Its shape lends itself to wedging beneath the bait tang, especially if you bend the tang up slightly.  It is physically tough enough that the pest must 'work' at removing it, thereby increasing the odds of the trap firing.  I am getting about 70% clean catches.

And it is a suitable "last meal" before the pest slips its mortal coil.


  1. I usually just use cheese... Maybe I've been doing it wrong all these years... sigh

    1. I can carry a small baggie of pecan pieces in my pocket and replenish the trap as needed. I suppose I could carry cheese the same way but it would add to my aura after a bit.

  2. You've seen the water bucket mouse trap? You could be catching these by the bucket you know, they look really easy to make......


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