Thursday, March 29, 2018

We planted some lilac bushes today

Mrs ERJ and I planted some lilac bushes today.

I cut out some thumbnails of what the blooms looked like and let her scoot them around in Powerpoint until she thought they looked nice.  She opted for pink in the middle as a focal point, bracketed by white and then by purples.  We planted these where Mrs ERJ will see them when she sits in her favorite reading chair by the window.  They will also make the yard smell nice because they are planted west of our main yard.

From left-to-right

Alfred F. Holden (Description, PDF)
Betsy Ross   (Description)
Sweetheart   (Description)
Beauty of Moscow   (Description, PDF)
Declaration  (Description, same page as Betsy Ross )
Charles Joly   (Description, PDF)

I purchased the plants from Dogwoodritternet on Ebay and was very happy with the plants.  They had fabulous roots!  Coming from Arkansas they had broken dormancy but not so much that the bottom buds had broken.  That is, the bottom buds will grow even if the tops are frost-blasted.

They averaged about $5 each.  I was able to reduce the cost of shipping by putting all of them into the shopping basket and THEN checking-out.

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