Thursday, March 29, 2018

Mrs ERJ and I went on a date

Mrs ERJ and I go on one BIG date a year, usually sometime near our anniversary.  We live large.  It is a prime-rib and 18 year old single malt kind of date.

This year I asked her, "Where do you want to go and what do you want to do?"

Her answer was different than I expected.  "Let's go to Battle Creek."

So we loaded up her magazines, sudoku, adult coloring books and crossword puzzle books.  We loaded up a goodly portion of my library of Sci-fi military and cowboy books and we drove to the Battle Creek VA hospital.

Volunteer services is in Building 10, Room 110.
This is an information sheet that is passed out to people who make donations.  It informs us what is needed and what they cannot accept.

Then we went for  a walk.


Oriental Bittersweet.  Almost looks like a snake.

And these, of course, would be snakes mating.
The sound of running water.

Mrs ERJ found the clash of colors interesting.
An oak leaf.
A beaver dam.
Ground Cedar
We never did get to the prime rib or single malt but I had a great date with my wife.

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