Friday, March 23, 2018

Clinton in 2020: It is about Return on Investment

Clinton scheduler waiting for $250K speaking gigs.

Even though Clinton would like to run again in 2020 it seems unlikely that big investors will line up behind her.  She had her swing at the pinata and the return on the investment was a Big, Fat, Zero.

The big investors are just as likely to invest in factories to make manual typewriters as they are to support Clinton in 2020.

Just my two cents.


  1. I agree but in a way wish she would run again as I think there is no way she could win, however I'm not willing to risk the damage to our country if she did win.

  2. "Clinton would like to run again in 2020"

    Speculation by who???

    Presidental losers do not get second chances although Romney may try.

    While Clinton was not a savior, compared to Putin's Poodle and his puppies, the damage she would have done seems minor. I never expected to get nuked under her, not like now.


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