Friday, March 23, 2018

Looking at the floor

About a million years ago I recall reading a short essay by a journalist who covered the auto industry.

Unlike most journalist, he was more than a mindless shill who amplified whatever he was fed by auto executives.

In the essay, the journalist made the observation that you can tell where a company is in its life-cycle by looking down at the floor.

He claimed that executives of companies on an upward trajectory invariably took journalist to loud, hot rooms with concrete floors and steel walls.  The furniture was invariable grossly outnumbered by greasy, broken parts littering the floor.

Companies that were about to enter, or were on, a downward trajectory invariably took journalists to mahogany  paneled rooms where the floors were covered with thick carpet.  Conversation would quickly veer from products and specs to the special at the local steakhouse and the best places in Myrtle Beach to play golf.

I have been burning brush in the orchard the last few days.  The orchard floor is a hodge-podge of leaves, wood chips, old pizza boxes and paper leaf bags.  Looking at the sod you will see tall fescue, bluegrass, red fescue, white clover, red clover and ground ivy.  The floor of my orchard is a mess, even on its best day.

I comfort myself with the thought that it is on an upward trajectory.  It is becoming a productive orchard, not a show place.

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