Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Installment 2.7

At 9:00 am Denice, Liz and Dilip were crowded into Liz’s office. 

Denice asked the IT head, “Is that conference room next door available?”

“It is for you.” the IT head said.

“How long will it take to knock out the connecting wall?” Denice asked.

The IT head sighed.  “It has been taking six weeks for maintenance to execute work orders AFTER they have been approved by the building committee.”

Denice asked, “Can I see your radio?”

The IT head handed it over wordlessly.  Denice scrolled through the contacts until she found “Maintenance Electrician”

“Denice to maintenance.  Denice to maintenance.  Are you out there?”

“Maintenance, go.”

“Denice to maintenance.  I am at level BB Bay AL-12.  That is along the west wall.  Is there any chance you can meet me?”

“Maintenance.  Maybe. We might be busy”

“Denice to maintenance.  Are you busy?

“Maintenance.  Nope.”

"Denice to maintenance.  Bring a millwright while you are at it.  I will buy coffee.”

Four minutes later a couple of guys in coveralls came through the door.  The electrician brightened up when he recognized Denice.  Denice brought them donuts Friday morning.  That was the first time that a department head had been in the crib EVER much less them donuts.

“Hey Butch, I thought that sounded like you.” Denice said.  “Is that a load bearing partition wall?” she asked, pointing at the offending wall.

“Nope.  All the partition walls are free-standing.” Butch replied.

“Between the electrical and the millwright work, how long…in real clock time…would it take to remove that wall?” Denice asked.

“Do you want it repainted?” the millwright asked.

“Nope, not right now.  That can be done tonight after these people are gone.” Denice asked.

“Actual, physical work, not including paperwork;  it would take about forty-five minutes.” Butch said.

“Here is your work-order.  If anybody gives you any crap tell them to come see me.” Denice said.

Denice handed Butch a hand-written piece of paper.  It said “Butch, please remove the partition wall at Level BB, Bay AL-12 at your soonest convenience.”

Denice looked over at the head of IT.  “If I were you, I would give your crew a forty-five minute break when these guys come back with their tools.  It is going to get a little bit loud in here.”

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