Friday, March 2, 2018

College admission essay questions as a Rorschach test and career predictor

Premise:  A white man and a black man are in a cop car.
Question: Who is driving?

Thesis of Answer One: "A cop."
This student enrolled as a Criminal Justice student at a State University and became a State Cop.

Thesis of Answer Two: "The question is racist."
This student enrolled as a Criminal Justice student and became a lawyer.

Thesis of Answer Three: "The question is sexist."
This student enrolled in Romance Languages and became a worker in the food services industry.

Thesis of Answer Four: "This question reinforces the hegemony of the binary, cis-male, white, toxic masculine, Euro-centric culture."
This student became a Associate Professor in Gender Studies and dates people who do not bathe.

Thesis of Answer Five: "The German Shepherd."
This student became a Vet.

Thesis of Answer Six: "Not enough information.  The premise does not state that the car is moving."
This student became an engineer and designed processes that made lawyers and professors in Gender Studies obsolete.

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