Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Fishing and teaching an old dog new tricks

I went fishing with the Captain yesterday.  He is an old river rat from WAY back.  I did not catch anything but the Captain caught a four footer.  Pictures to follow later.

I was surprised when I could show him something he had not seen before.  Since it was new to him, I thought I would put it on the blog in case it is new to any of you.

Speedy Improved Clinch Knots
I am using a cord from a pair of hearing protection to make the "fish line" more visible.
This is the trick.  After passing the end of the line through the lure's tie-on, place the end and the "incoming" parallel to each other and between your thumb and fore-finger and spin the line by moving your fore-finger on one direction and your thumb in the other.

You can see how my fore-finger moved to the left while my thumb is to the right.

The lure spins if it is hanging freely.

Then complete the usual Improved Clinch knot.  This would be an unimproved Clinch  knot if you tightened it.

Passing the end of the line through the loop parallel to the twisted-pair makes it an Improved Clinch knot.  As always, you can click on any of the pictures to embiggen.
Spit on the loose knot before tightening.  That lubricates the line so it can slide freely and not kink up.  Spitting on the lure is also considered good luck.


  1. I always found the uni-knot easier. For wear resistant I doubled the line.

  2. My grandpa taught me that one probably 50 years ago. It's all I use! :-)

  3. It's the knot I still use but there are others out there that seem to work better for some new lines.
    For bigger lures I also use a simple tied loop passed through the eyelet and over the hook/lure. This keeps the lure free of line drag and never slips. Easy to change too.
    The improved cinch can be improved by doubling the loop through the eyelet. Most knots break there and a doubling at that point seems to help.


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