Thursday, March 22, 2018


"What are you going to do with that?"  Mrs ERJ asked as I pulled a tall, slender bottle out of a grocery bag.

"I am going to drink it for research." I declared.

Mrs ERJ looked puzzled.

"I have a scene where one of the characters has an epic hangover.  I wanted to refresh my acquaintance with that affliction...first hand."  I added.  "You know, in the book." I added helpfully.

She looked at me rather doubtfully.  "Remember that we are going to the Zydeco festival in the morning and we have been asked to judge the accordion and bagpipe sections."

"No problem!" I said.  "How bad can an itty-bitty hangover be?

As a note to the curious, it is best to avoid red wines that have been treated with sulfites and fermented with Montrachet yeast at warmish temperatures the night before going to Zydeco festivals.  Just sayin'.

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