Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Shuffling tired cliches

I should be ashamed of myself for mocking somebody who is SO earnest.

However, I seldom encounter such a perfect example of somebody who shuffles tired cliches and industry jargon and assumes that they are A.)  Communicating and B.) Engaging in lucid thought.

With no further ado:

My philosophy is to assist my client in the discovery and mastery of their all-powerful Self. My approach to counseling is client centered. However, I provide services from a solution focused (targets the desired outcome of therapy as a solution rather than focus on the symptoms), and cognitive perspective (focuses on addressing negative thought processes (cognitions), while replacing them with positive cognitions and instituting new behaviors) that support the client's new way of thinking. As a therapist, I do not have the power to "fix" problems; that power lies within you. I guarantee a safe and confidential environment. 

I have a License Master's of Social Work in both clinical and macro practice. Worked with parents and youth since 2005. I provide services through a strength-based trauma-informed lens and perspective. I have experience with the military families and culture. My goal is to provide quality therapeutic services. 

I am skilled with the Adverse Childhood Experience (ACE), Strengthening Families Protective Factors, and Trauma-Informed principles and practice. I have a diverse multi-cultural competent perspective and philosophy when working with clients. I have also provided community outreach services to military families while overseas. My philosophy is to "Spread Good Karma!"

I redact the practitioner's name out of a sense of decorum and because it is really not important.

Isn't that a magnificent example?  I think I have arrived as a blogger.  I can find stuff to blog about while waiting in a doctor's office.

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