Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Aches and pains

I called Belladonna yesterday and asked her advice.  "What do you take for delayed onset muscle pain?"

Delayed onset muscle pain is when you work like a super-hero one day and one or two days later you can scarcely move.  Oddly, the older I get the longer it takes for the pain to kick in.  That means I can work stupid hard for two days and then REALLY suffer.

Digging holes for fence posts.  Cutting fence posts out in the woods.  Carrying them up to the orchard now orchard/vineyard (half mile round trip!), shoveling gravel that was dumped in a friend's driveway.  It all added up.

Belladonna's advice was to stretch and use Icy Hot where the muscles hurt the most.

It was good advice.  If nothing else I smell a lot better than usual.

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