Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Wednesday's post

Warm and breezy predicted for tomorrow.

The guns are sighted in.  There was a bit of drama after Kubota's friend, The Great Brain, helped him sight in his gun.  But now everything is good.

 Thurdy point buck.

Trunks of trees in the orchard were painted white to reduce the risk of sun scald.

I had an anomaly in the reloading room.  I set the powder measure for 6.8 grains of a popular pistol powder.  I double checked it.  I ran about a hundred rounds.  I rechecked it and it was 7.8 grains.  7.8 grains is WAY over max for the cartridge I am reloading.

My technique is to make five powder drops into the scale's dish.  That smooths out the noise.

It looks like I have to pitch about a hundred rounds.

I checked the powder throw between full powder hopper and nearly empty powder hopper and saw almost no difference.  I considered the possibility that I had thrown four measures instead of five but that does not work out because 4*7.8= 31.2 grains while 5*6.8=34 grains.

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