Wednesday, November 22, 2017

A full house

Yesterday was a bit of a goat festival.

At seven in the evening Southern Belle called.  Due to a mix-up in the itinerary Southern Belle and Handsome Hombre were arriving at Detroit Metro Airport at 11:00 PM yesterday rather than today.

The camper had shown up just a few hours earlier and was not ready for guests.

Mrs ERJ sorted stuff out.

Belladonna volunteered to drive down to DTW and pick them up.  The amazing thing is that she was still in Allendale in a class.  Allendale is 170 mile from DTW.  The class ended at 9:00 PM and off she scampered.  The reason she gave for volunteering is that she does not want "old" people to drive after dark.  By old, she means me and/or Mrs ERJ.

The birds were in the nest by 2:00 AM today.  I expect they will be sleeping in.

Three dogs, three women folk and three men folk makes for a full house.

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