Friday, November 17, 2017

A pat-on-the-back for Menards

These mittens are not perfect.  Perfect would be if the gauntlets were just a little bit longer.  But they are darned excellent for $5.
An official ERJ atta-boy for Menards.

I bought three pairs of these mittens.  It is easy to find gloves but few stores carry mittens.  And when they do have mittens the are "ski" mittens and usually cost about $25 a pair.

The mittens at Menards are well constructed and have a pile lining.

Gloves have a place, but when you really want to keep your hands warm you cannot beat mittens.  Keeping your fingers all together keeps them warm, just like puppies dog-piling on a cold, winter night.

The other thing about mittens is they can be constructed of thicker, more wind resistant materials because they don't even try to support manual dexterity.  More than one person I know wears a thin pair of gloves beneath a  pair of mittens made of a sturdy, high-loft material.

Perhaps one reason that Menards offers such reasonably priced cold-weather gear is because they are based in Eau Claire, Wisconsin. Record low of -43 F tends to make people sensitive to cold.


  1. I wear a pair of very thin cheap cotton gloves, often blaze orange under mittens with a palm slit for the fingers to get out when shooting. The combination works real well when hunting here in WI. Opening day today but too warm for that.


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