Tuesday, November 7, 2017

New truck owners say the darnedest things

"Hey, Big-D, I think we can get this in one trip.  There is room here for another forty bags of see-ment, easy."


"Hey mom, I need money for gas.  I don't have enough gas to get home from school."

"No problem.  I will come and get you."

"You don't have to pick me up.  You can just get a gas card on the way to the high school."


"I was picking you up to bring you home.  I have five dollars worth of chores that need doing.  That should be enough gas to get you home (four miles)."

"Wow! Look at that!  I turned the key and I have PLENTY of gas to get home."


  1. If that's Kubota's new truck-- it appears to need a new frame!!

  2. Nope. Not Kubota's truck. But give it another week or two and they will be twins.

    1. Well first vehicle is always the one you learn on and make your mistakes with!!

  3. Joe, you forgot the last word always belongs to mom:

    "Wow! Look at that! I turned the key and I have PLENTY of gas to get home."

    "Great! Just think of all the gas you'll have once you've come directly home and completed your chores. I expect you in 15 minutes"


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