Monday, November 13, 2017

.450 Bushmaster, PSA

.450 Bushmaster on the left, .223 Remington on the right.
A couple of years ago Michigan liberalized her hunting regulations to allow some kinds of centerfire rifle rounds in the highly populated, southern counties.

Hunters asked, "Why can I hunt deer with a .357 or .44 Magnum pistol but not a long gun?  The long gun is more accurate and is less likely to send a stray round skipping over the horizon."

Rather than list the cartridges that are allowed, the DNR stipulated that the diameter of the bullet be over .355", that the walls of the cartridges be straight and that the minimum case length be 1.16" and the maximum case length be 1.8".

For a variety of reasons the .450 Bushmaster became the cartridge of choice.  In my estimation, the two main reasons were that several world-class rifles are chambered for this round and because world-class hunting ammo is available.

But then...
There have been spot ammo shortages.

This post is a Public Service Announcement to inform my readers that Russ Nelson at Family Shooters Corral (517-663-3805) has an ample supply of .450 Bushmaster ammo. It is 250 grain, Hornady Flex-tip ammo and the asking price is $31.80 for twenty rounds out-the-door.

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  1. Randy of "Randy's Outdoor Center" in Bad Axe should get credit for popularizing this cartridge. He did a deal with Ruger to provide him with a thousand or two (IIRC) Ruger Americans in .450 Bushmaster. Since then he's sold many thousands across the U.S.
    We just had deer sight-in days at our club in the Kazoo area and there were lots of .450's on hand. Nice, very accurate rifle.


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