Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Head room

Fitting four vehicles into the driveway continues to be a struggle.

Kubota's place was clearly marked out and everybody else gridlocks if he does not pull up to his marker.

This morning his truck was a good two or three paces shy of the marker.

Clearly, words and reasons did not work.  So, I fixed the problem.  I moved his truck.  No reason to yell are get mad.  No reason for my blood pressure to rise.

Leaving some head room
It is more effective to move the truck sixty yards out into the pasture than to park it 400 yards away in the most remote corner.

Parking it 60 yards away embeds all of the information that parking it 400 yards away does.

Parking it 60 yards away still leaves ample room to "turn up the volume" should it become necessary.

Remember the two primary causes of instability in control systems are excessive gain and lag time.

Head room of a different type
One of the places where I drink coffee was recently remodeled.

Everything is new and shiny.  I am sure that the people at corporate want customers to notice.

That is probably why they placed the new urinal so it can be seen from the dining area.

Maybe I am just shy, but somehow I don't want to be shaking the dew from my lily, look up and see Mrs Grundy choking on her fries in the opposite corner of the dining area.  I reckon she does not want to see me, either.

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