Wednesday, November 1, 2017

The day in pictures

The unevenness in color and height is due to uneven nitrogen distribution.  This field was planted to a cover crop that doubles as a deer food plot.  Oats and radishes, mostly.

The plant on the left, held by the beautiful and talented Mrs ERJ and the plant on the right were planted at the same time.  The one on the left got little N and the one on the right did.
The day after Halloween is All Saint's Day.  These puff balls look a bit like the backs of skulls.  They got my attention.  That is what happens when you bury your victims using a post hole digger.
I tore apart the old washing machine.  This is what hard water does to the inlet screens.
I was moving hazelnut bushes and noticed this growth on the roots.  I suspect it is ectomycorrhizas fungus.
Ectomycorrhizas consist of a hyphal sheath, or mantle, covering the root tip and a Hartig net of hyphae surrounding the plant cells within the root cortex. In some cases the hyphae may also penetrate the plant cells, in which case the mycorrhiza is called an ectendomycorrhiza. Outside the root, Ectomycorrhizal extramatrical mycelium forms an extensive network within the soil and leaf litter.
I have about half of the hazelnut bushes moved out of the nursery and it is time for a break.

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