Wednesday, November 15, 2017

No deer were injured in the production of this blog post

I did not see a deer.

Kubota spent the morning with me.  He assured me that hoodies were plenty warm enough for deer hunting.  He was wrong.

Later that morning I asked if he was suffering from hypothermia.

He said, "No.  I am suffering from hypo-fur-mia.  Ain't seen nothing with fur on it yet."

I did not had much time to hang out and talk with my brothers.  Early in the season we are focused on putting deer in the freezer.  I am particularly gladdened to see the one who was shot in the face with a 30-06 in his youth and hope to have some time to chat with him.  Plastic surgery is amazing.


He was attending school at University of Michigan, Flint campus in 1990 and he worked third shift at a gas station that is exactly 1.98 miles from the heart of town.

The gas station was on a major road and during the daylight hours the customers were working stiffs buying cigarettes or gas.  After dark the customers were less affluent and significantly rougher.

He was working in the shop and did not hear anybody pull into the station.  The next thing he remembers was looking down at the blood and thinking, "Da*n, the boss is gonna be pissed if I don't get the floor cleaned."  That is the definition of tough...when your first concern is how you going to clean the floor after getting shot in the face while on-the-clock.

Based on the shell casing that was found at the site the weapon was determined to be a 30-06.  Fortunately for my brother it hit the corner of his mouth and traveled between the skin and the inner part of his right cheek.

He did not tell mom and dad, who live in Lansing, for three days.  Really, it turned out OK and his wife finds his lopsided smile endearing.

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