Thursday, September 14, 2017

Who does the laundry in your house?

I started my new job yesterday.  Details will be sparse because I do not have my employer's permission to share on my blog.  I have not asked nor to I intend to.

Early in my five hour shift the boss asked me, "Who does your laundry?  Do you wash your own clothes or does Mrs ERJ?"

I told him that I do my own laundry.  Then I observed, "That is an odd question.  Why are you asking?"

He responded, "Mrs ERJ is not on my payroll.  You are.  If Mrs ERJ does the laundry then I will give you jobs that will keep you cleaner.  But since you do your own laundry I have more freedom to give you jobs that might make you grubby."

I shared that with Mrs ERJ and she now thinks my boss is a very righteous man.

I don't disagree.

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