Sunday, September 24, 2017

Obamacare overload

Alright, already.

Republicans trying to "fix" Obamacare is as inane as police attempting to resuscitate a suicide-by-cop shooter.

For one thing, the Affordable Care Act as implemented has so many sucking chest wounds that it is likely not savable.

One dynamic that reinforces the continuance of something like the Obamacare is the increasingly dynamic workplace.  Both Republicans and Democrats are complicit in this.

If you look at a small town you will typically see that the businesses that have the greatest longevity have some source of protected income.  I am thinking about bars with a license to serve alcohol.  Licenses create an artificial scarcity which in turn creates a steady income stream.  Because licenses are difficult to transfer, they foster business longevity.

Three things overturned the apple cart.

The economy is now Globalized.  Factories and shops are not just competing with the guy down the road, they are competing with Bangladesh and China and Mumbia.

The economy deregulated.  Sectors that are protected are shrinking.  Interestingly, the most protected sector is .gov.

The last thing that killed job longevity was the Fed lowering interest rates.  Investors are anxious to find venues that create better return pour money into venture capital.  These funds provide a war chest to nascent businesses that allow them to under-price the true cost of production.  That crushes the existing competitors.

The new entrants to the market find themselves, in turn, being crushed by even more entrants, especially after the war-chest of investor capital is depleted and they must price at or above the true cost of production.  The bottom of the dog-pile are corpses.  Only the bodies on top have enough oxygen to survive.

In the old days the employee who started with a firm as a young, healthy person was subsidizing the old guy who had been there thirty-five years and it was all invisible to the new person.  Preconditions were handled internally to the Human Relations department.

No longer.  It is not uncommon for a person to find themselves looking for employment every couple of years.  In fact, many folks never stop looking for their next job because experience taught them the horse will get shot out from beneath them.

All of a sudden, preconditions become a very, very big deal.

There is a solution, at least for most of us.  And it is not a very popular solution.  The answer is to stay healthy.  Eat well.  MOVE.  Get to your ideal weight, or close to it.  Surround yourself with positive, caring people.  Ditch unhealthy habits.


  1. Well said, and agree, stay as healthy as you can!

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