Thursday, September 7, 2017

Atlanta, Georgia and a question


Southern Belle made it to the destination.  Handsome Hombre is still on the road.  Obviously, they took two vehicles.

***Update:  Got a call at 10:26 PM.  The Eagle has landed.  Handsome Hombre is in the nest.***

Outbound traffic in Miami, Fl

Their credit card is tapped out.  HH was to be paid on Friday but obviously he won't be in Miami to collect the check.

Southern Belle asked us to float them a loan via Western Union or MoneyGram.  MoneyGram whacks you with a 10% fee which is pretty darned stiff.  I don't know about Western Union.  Given the amount of volume those two services are likely to experience I think it would be a good stroke of business to get competitive for funds being sent to areas impacted by the recent hurricanes.

Any advice from my readers will be much appreciated.  What is the smoothest, most secure way to send money to somebody several states away?

An Executive Order temporarily softening some of the provisions of the "Patriot Act" that prohibit the transfer of funds to bank accounts would be welcome.  We have a branch of the bank where Southern Belle does business up here but we cannot legally make deposits into her account when neither of us have our name on the account.  That sucks.

SB wants enough money to gas up the vehicles and get some groceries.  I think she plans to look for a job tomorrow.  Those two are working fools.


  1. Joe,

    Glad they are safe. If they have a debit card from their bank, then do a direct wire transfer from your bank account to hers. Talk with your banker about setting it up, they should be bending over backwards with disaster relief support at this time. It should land in her account the same day.

  2. If legal only is your thing...I would recommend an PayPal transfer. Or.....if you want to do things differently ahem....I have heard of people doing exactly what you started to do. " My friend" who did that has never had a deposit turned down. " My friend" had a family member who was not on the account walk up with a check made out to an account Check was signed....marked deposit only....and handed to ( typically bored) clerks who either didn't know the law or didn't care. Because again, showing up with money for deposit was always excepted. ( Or again, ahem, so I heard). Anyway, Paypal is good but does take 24 hours. Or, yes you can do a direct transfer.....but if you are more like my " friend" just deposit it.

    1. Oh....and my friend offered a final thought. If you have already talked legalities over with your local branch don't go there. Find a different branch....walk up like you are a Clinton....and hand them the deposit. The bigger the town, the bigger the branch the better ! Worst they can do is tell you no, you just wasted your time etc. Yet again, my friend has never had a deposit turned down. As a final thought....I would have Mrs. ERJ make the deposit and if busted tell the truth ! Hurricane etc ! My friend told me the only time a deposit was ever questioned....the teller was talked into making an exception....just this one time ! Hell if the teller wouldn't ask for a VP . a wire transfer or a paypal. Good Luck and may God Bless .

    2. The next time you see your friend, please thank them on my behalf.

  3. There are lots of online companies that transfer money from one account to another.

  4. I pay my monthly rent by making a deposit into my landlord's bank account at a branch of her bank. The tellers know what I am doing and process the deposit without question. Just fill out the deposit ticket and hand the check over. No questions asked. And the bank is a not a small town bank.

  5. The wire transfer will work. Zelle is a service to make transfers; fees are reasonable and the process is quick.

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