Monday, September 11, 2017

Six mile run

Sumac is showing color.
And so is Virginia Creeper.

I took off about 8:30 this morning.  It was 54 F when I started and 59 F at the finish.

Soybean field getting ready to drop leaves and dry-down.
Fall colors are just starting.
Poison Ivy climbing up Quaking Aspen
I feel pretty good except my nipples are abraded.

The numbers
I started running again about nine weeks ago.

I was really struggling to run two miles.  It would be accurate to say I was capable of running 1.5 miles without heroics.

The rule-of-thumb that is in many books on running is to increase your distance by 10% a week.  At that rate it takes about seven weeks to double your distance.

It feels grand to be ahead of the curve.  Going from being capable of running 1.5 miles to 6.0 miles in nine weeks is 16% weekly gain.  I want to get up to 9 miles but don't see much point in going past that.


  1. Re: Abraded nipples. I'm glad you've shared this with your readers. Senior Male Psuedo-cross-sexual Puberty can be a rough but exciting awakening, Joe. Have your wife pick our a Sports Training Bra over at Dick's and that should make your jogging more comfortable. Just make sure you lay off the beer and BBQ if you want to avoid a Senior male Pseudo cross-sexual pregnancy experience.

    1. Senior Male Pseudo Cross-Sexual Pregnancy...are you referring to my shoulders. Due to the vicissitudes of gravity and global warming, they migrated fifteen inches lower on my body and are oriented fore-aft.

      I will skip the training bra although it is an "interesting" idea. I may go with bandaids, however.