Thursday, September 28, 2017

Fanatasy Football is a redundant term

I work a couple of part-time gigs.

The boss at my Monday gig was aghast at what the athletes in the NFL are doing.

His take is that watching football is escapism.  Football is a parallel universe that allows viewers to escape the messy, cluttered, compromised, dirty gold-fish bowl that is the world of reality.

Some people watch soap operas.  Others listen to NPR.  Many watch the NFL.  Same-same-same.

His belief is that the NFL will lose its unique marketing proposition if it lets too much "reality" leak in.  The players are actors playing a role.  They can spout off at awards ceremonies but need to stay in-character within the theater called the football stadium.

The players and coaches don't give up their Constitutionally guaranteed rights on the playing field any more than an actor gives up his rights when playing a character in a Shakespeare play. 

There is a term for actors who cannot remember their lines:



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