Friday, September 22, 2017

Small considerations

We had some power fluctuations at work.  Lights would dim.  Breakers would pop.  At least I was out of the sun.

I have been there for a little more than a week.  Yesterday I was part of a crew that performed a task that is loud.  It is not so much that the job is loud as the fact that the noise is unpleasant and the task is an all-day job. That was the same task I did the first day of work so I planned ahead.  I put some hearing protection from home into a ziplock bag and used a magnet to attach the bag to the equipment.

One of the women on the crew seems to be pretty introverted.  She likes her space and seems to be more comfortable with a small, non-verbal nods than with a big "How are you doing today?"

I got a smile and a "You bet." out of her yesterday when I asked her if she wanted some hearing protection.  I started to tell her how to roll them up before inserting them when she told me, "I know how to do this.  I participate in 'shooting sports'."

1 comment:

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