Thursday, September 28, 2017

Kubota deals with an unruly passenger

Kubota got his driver's license about ten days ago.

Last night he borrowed Mrs ERJ's minivan to go hang out with some friends.

Details are sketchy.  I was not there and Kubota is not saying a lot about it.

Kubota picked up one friend and a friend-of-the-friend.

The FOTF was sitting behind Kubota and became verbally abusive.

Then the FOTF started hitting Kubota in the back of the head while Kubota was driving.

Kubota pulled off the road.

Kubota told the unruly passenger that he was no longer welcome in the minivan and had to leave.

The temperature was a balmy 65F and it was not raining.  The young man had a cell phone and was in no danger of freezing to death or being eaten by large carnivores.

The passenger refused to exit the van.

Kubota "helped" him exit the van and then proceeded on his way.

Kubota was concerned that he would be reported to the cops because he ejected the miscreant with vigor. 

I told him that as long as he did not break any of the young man's bones he was going to be OK.  Police would probably give him a metal because they would much rather deal with the fall-out from how he handled the situation rather than a two-vehicle accident with possible fatalities.

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  1. Good for him! Proud of him for the 'measured' reaction!