Thursday, September 21, 2017

A couple of short interactions at work

Yesterday the boss gave me a list of things to do.

One of those tasks was to remove some items from storage and install them in a certain location.

I noticed that the items were pretty grubby as I pulled them out of the dark storage area so I added a task to his list; clean items.

The boss caught me sitting at a picnic table outside scrubbing the items down and sluicing them down with rinse water.

"Whatchya doing?" he asked.

I told him.

"Thanks for doing that outside." was his reply.  Then he motored off to his next "check".

Later that day
I was working with one of the "kids".  He is really quiet, is as strong as an ox and has the work-ethic of a honeybee.

I found out that he reads and likes history.  WWII is his favorite period.

He is also a conservative.  He attributes it to his study of history.  "It is different this time." does not wash with him.

He does not have any expensive hobbies or vices.  He is saving up for a used Ford Ranger.  He has a German Shepherd and does not need a lot of room.

Oh, and he was home schooled.

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