Monday, September 18, 2017

What is a "contrary fact"?

"The City is disappointed in the Court’s ruling. The City believes that the Court relied on the Plaintiff’s complaint and disregarded the contrary facts that were set forth in the Defendant’s answer and reply to the Plaintiff’s motion."   Source
If facts are true, then what are "contrary facts"?

"A steady stream of customers visited the Country Mill Farms booth at the farmers market on Sunday to purchase apples, cider and donuts, at times weaving through a group of about a dozen LGBT community members and supporters holding a demonstration near the booth.Source
I was not there, but I wonder how aggressively the protesters were "blocking" the booth, trying to achieve through intimidation what they lost at the courthouse.

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  1. "The city" plans to appeal. "The city" needs to be defined as to who, the actual person or persons, and that person (or persons) needs to have "protestors" following them around everywhere, protesting their obnoxious waste of "public" funds. that person needs to be 'splainin' how an appeal benefits all the people, rather than just a small group. That person needs to confront the majority, and needs to be driven from the "public" to the "private" for their employment. In the private world, people need to vote with their feet when a business "hates". In the public world, people that underserve the whole of their constituency need to be removed.