Thursday, September 7, 2017

New Orleans, 2008

New Orleans, Lower 9th Ward.  This was  ghetto before Katrina with shotgun shacks cheek-to-cheek.

After Katrina it was an open field with "slabs" where houses used to be.
Lower Ninth Ward aerial photo.
Southern Belle did service project work in the Lower Ninth in the summer of 2008.  She learned to do wire-pulling and dry-wall work rehabbing houses that had flooded to six feet above the floor but were not swept away.  All of the old drywall and paneling was stripped out.  Wiring brought up to code and then re-drywalled.

She knows what storm surges can do.  It did not take much convincing to get her out of Miami.

Handsome Hombre was a harder sell but he went because it was important to SB.  Unfortunately, HH's brother, Victor, stayed behind.  Denial of what can happen.

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