Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Southern Belle update

I just talked to Southern Belle on the phone.

Southern Belle is my oldest daughter.  She lives in South Miami and lives three miles from the Atlantic Ocean.  The elevation of South Miami is measured in inches.

Today is her last day of work.

Unfortunately, her husband works at a marina and the "boss" wants them to stay until forcibly evacuated.  Her husband will be tying down boats in a marina which becomes real work as the chop increases.  She hopes to get out of Dodge on Thursday evening but the boss might not release the workers until legally forced to do so...which could be early Saturday morning.

This has Southern Belle fretting a little bit as she really wants to be ahead of the curve.

I suggested that her husband ask his boss if he could borrow some of the extra five gallon gas cans from work "for safe keeping".  There is a good chance that his workplace will be leveled including the storage sheds, at which point the boss would lose the cans anyway.  That, and having an extra 20 gallons of fuel in the back of the truck would give Southern Belle some peace-of-mind as the northbound hoard of locust suck the gas stations dry.

She tells me their current plans are to drive to Atlanta, Georgia.

There is a good possibility that their home, a converted garage, and her husband's workplace will be leveled.


  1. If Irma hits that marina and his job will be toast. Suggest that if he works at a marina he has skills that can be transferred to reconstruction and he should put his resume in to various construction companies before the rush. They'll pay top dollar for good hands.

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