Sunday, September 3, 2017

Running Notes: 4.5 miles yesterday

Rarely seen footage of ERJ jogging through downtown Eaton Rapids

It was a treat for me to have Mrs ERJ accompany me on my run.  She was cheerfully chirping away during the run commenting on kids, convertible sports cars, folks fishing in the river, movies she wants to see, plots of books and movies she enjoyed, our kids....every topic under the sun.

I was gasping for air.  Every cell in my body was screaming for oxygen.  Responses were monosyllabic.

Three-and-a-half miles into the run we were passing the parking lot where the truck was parked.  There was an extra water-bottle in the bed of the truck.  I said, "Would you be a 'peach' and fetch it for me?"  

"You betchya.  No problem." she graciously responded.

I kept slogging away.  I knew she would catch me.  It was just a matter of how long it would take.

The reason I know that is that she obeys traffic signals, stopping at stop lights.  I take a quick look left, then right and kept chugging along.  Restarting takes too much effort.  Besides, if I stopped for too long the concrete in my joints might set.

About two-tenths of a mile later she effortlessly breezed up behind me and said, "Here ya go."

It felt like a race between a rototiller and a greyhound.

The last topic of the run involved panniers for her bicycle.  If any of my readers have experience with various types and brands, I will appreciate guidance.  Especially with regards to features to look for and plusses-and-minuses of various types.  The picture in her head is that she can make a quick trip to the store on her bike to pick up groceries.  

The picture in my head is that she can carry that extra bottle of water on her bike when I am running.


  1. I have a Topeak Explorer rack and basket on my bike. A little pricey but very well made. I prefer a basket over a pannier bag because it can carry a bigger assortment of shapes and sizes.

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