Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Thrifty wife story

Mrs ERJ was frying up some taco meat.  When done, she scraped the meat over to one side of the pan and tipped it so the grease ran to the other side.  She sponged it up with a couple of paper towels.

Because I am such a helpful guy, I pointed out that paper towels cost money and that was not the most economical way to separate the meat from the grease.

Mrs ERJ asked me if I  had priced out heart stents lately.  I had to admit that I had not.  Having access to the internet, I looked it up.

A typical cost for a single heart stent inserted via an operation runs in the neighborhood of $30,000.

Surprisingly (Source)

Coronary stents do not improve the long-term survival rates of heart patients

Rather, they provide relief and reduce the need for more intrusive measures until later in the disease's progression.

What is needed is to halt or reverse the atherosclerotic process entirely and that cannot be done by a small mechanical device.

In other words, Mrs ERJ draining the grease, even if at the cost of two paper towels is more beneficial, in the long run, than a $30,000 procedure.

Once again, I bow my head to Mrs ERJ's wisdom.

PS, it was ground turkey.


  1. The grease from ground beef here goes on the dogs' food, a tablespoonful or so at a time. They don't get it very often, and in small doses, but they really like it!

  2. We drain grease off into a jar, bacon grease is kept for cooking, all other grease (ground beef, sausage, etc...) goes to the animals. Some on the dog (and cat!)food, like Lucky said, mostly to the chickens. As for paper towels, well, I cut those almost completely out of our consumables budget a few years back. Our household uses less than one roll of paper towels per year, mostly cleaning up pet accidents.


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