Sunday, February 21, 2016

FAFSA and taxes: Done

Taxes completed.  We owe on the Federal so we will e-file when we get the money in the checking account.

FAFSA filed.  FAFSA is the mandatory federal program where you have to spill your financial guts to yet another federal agency with leaky computer security.


Cash-money-out-of-pocket for all things medical was about $16K for 2015.  That takes a nip out of the Golden Years fantasy.

I am not complaining.  Norovirus is rampant on cruise ships and I can find sub-literate people with exotic cultures locally.  If I need something on-the-cheap, I ask my friends at coffee.

I am publishing that number because medical costs in retirement were one of the hardest costs to find data on.  It is just one data point, nothing more.

Speaking of medical...Bayou Renaissance Man had an interesting post on Medicaid.  In very simple terms, Medicaid is a mandatory, hidden reverse mortgage on your home and other property.  I wonder if that also impacts Medicare, a program I paid into while I worked.

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