Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Three-toed sloths

The Three-toed Sloth is the slowest moving mammal.  It moves so slowly that plants (algae) grow in its fur.

Am I the only person who associates green-haired employees with three-toed sloths?

Perhaps it is just a coincidence but I can only see three fingers on this woman.
Note to my children:  Do not go to job interviews with green hair unless the job entails handling large, skittish herbivores.


  1. What about pink hair? I might or might not have colored pink stripes in my hair last summer and be considering doing it again :-) In fairness, I am already gainfully employed and do not need to make a good first impression on an employer!

  2. Did it look like this http://www.wtae.com/image/view/-/33603466/medRes/4/-/maxh/630/maxw/1200/-/1sng1lz/-/Watermelon-Snow-in-Sierra-Nevada.jpg

    1. That's really cool. I didn't know about watermelon snow so I googled it...you've taught me something today! And no, I do not think it resembled algae. I rather liked it and may do it again this summer, maybe even go crazy and do purple, too! (it washes out in a week or so, it's fun for the fair)

  3. The first requirement of any teenage fad is parental and old fogey disapproval. For some it is a desperation for recognition, for others a scream for attention.
    It seems strange to what is acceptable, too. Bright blonde or red hair is desirable but others colors just as loud are not. It seems like a distinction without a difference but it is made.
    The picture looks like a bad nylon wig and not her hair. More natural hair might work on such a pretty girl.

    I can handle the hair better than piercings. I still cringe when I think of the idiot that use to click his tongue stud on his teeth all day.


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