Saturday, February 6, 2016

Of ice and gravity

I took a tumble today while walking.

I was piloting the "no pull" harness on Hercules.  It was working like a charm.

Same place but after afternoon sun thawed it out.
In a moment of slack situational awareness, I was walking where the crown of the road reverses and goes up-grade.  Water puddles up there and the slush collects tire tracks.  It had refrozen.  The puddle was polished ice and the ridges of slush and mud were bone hard.

It happened so fast that I did not have the time to mentally form the words "OH! Crap!" before I hit.

Normally, I am a very stylish faller.  There are certain niceties that must be observed.

But I had Mrs ERJ with me and I did not know how much experience she had with "fallen men".

Usually a bit of fibrillation is called for.  Slow, deep stentorious moaning is almost mandatory.  Out of concern for Mrs ERJ's feelings I held all of those in.

Nothing was broken but the ice made a few nasty cracks.

---Editorial note---
Most often the person falling is best served by allowing themselves to slump-fall.  That is, don't try to catch yourself because broken wrists often result.  Don't exert heroic efforts to stay vertical because backs can be wrenched or knees torqued.  Keep enough rigidity in your body so your noggin does not bounce off the ground.  "Woofing", hollering or coughing reduces the likelihood of having the wind knocked out of you....ever so important for creative cussing.
---End Editorial note---

Pruning trees

A persimmon tree with four grafts (two different varieties) on it.  Scionwood was from Jerry Lehman of Terra Haute, Indiana.

A close-up that captured three of the grafts.

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