Wednesday, February 24, 2016

More gun gobbledygook

"A man accused of randomly killing six people in (Kalamazoo) Michigan had a personal cache of weapons"
Perhaps more accurately, "He had more than one gun in his house." or, "He had more than one gun in his safe."  Personal cachet is a term deliberately crafted to sound selfish, and whacko and anti-social.  Disingenuously, the term is not targeted at the can somebody who has just murdered 6 people be made to sound more evil?  Nope, it is intended to tar honest gun owners as people who are evil by association, because we share something in common.

"There may not have been a way to stop a person from doing evil,” Hoadley (Democrat) said of the Kalamazoo shootings. “But that should not derail a conversation about what we can do overall to reduce gun violence.”
This legislator admits that increasing gun regulation would have had NO effect on this crime.  And he still wants to limit access to guns.

A short story

Kubota brought home a story on Monday.

A young man at the high school deliberately beaned a smaller kid in the head with the football.  The smaller kid knocked the bully unconscious in the ensuing fight.

According to the story, it was a very righteous ass-whipping.


What makes the righteous whipping particularly gratifying is that the smaller kid is a cancer survivor and his hair is, well, scanty.  The smaller kid is also a member of a minority (about 4% of the population).

The bully made a bad choice of victim selection and paid for it....pick on a smaller, funny-looking, sick kid who is a member of a small minority.  What could go wrong? I am sure the bully thought his violence was hilarious, right up until it started costing him.

Bullies abound.  Not all of us are young men.  Not all of us will face one-on-one odds.  Not all of us command the fierce will to prevail demonstrated by the smaller kid.

By all means, let's not derail a conversation that makes the world safe for bullies.

...reported from Detroit

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