Saturday, February 13, 2016

Pictures and woodpeckers and such

Mrs ERJ and I take dinner to my mom and dad on Fridays.  Yesterday, conversation turned to the picture that has been hanging over their mantle for the last 45 years.  They never have been able to figure out the artist's name.  I told them I might be able to use the internet to help them figure it out.

George Hitchcock  This picture demonstrates that a degree from Harvard Law does not ruin everybody.
Flight to Egypt.  Many derivatives of this painting exist.


I had been wondering why woodpeckers were not eating the cheap hotdogs I put out for them.

Today I saw why.  It looks like they have been hitting them but frozen hotdogs are rubbery, compared to frozen suet which crumbles.  Those crumbles must be much easier for the woodpeckers to work into their mouths and swallow.

Bonus pictures

A dead ash tree.

Close up of Emerald Ash Borer damage.  The Rune of Ruin.
Hey, who made that mess?

Evidence of Pileated Woodpecker.  he did quite a number on this 14" diameter Silver Maple trunk.
Image from HERE. Tattoos of woodpeckers are popular in young "white supremicists" and gang identifiers and on over-the-hill Lotharios who rely on the "Wanna see my 10" woody?" pick-up line.

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