Thursday, February 11, 2016

Concealed weapon holder stops murder, not allowed back

From the Detroit Free Press:

A 52-year-old worker at the General Motors Technical Center was hugging her daughter when the younger woman began repeatedly stabbing her, Warren Mayor Jim Fouts said today.
The attack was halted when a parking valet, with a concealed weapon permit, ran out from a building, pulled a handgun and ordered the assailant to stop, authorities have said, likely saving the mother's life.
The 32-year-old daughter, who lived with her mother in Oak Park, is expected to be criminally charged on Friday in the Wednesday morning attack on the sprawling tech center campus.
The mother is recovering after being stabbed several times in the neck, back and abdomen with a steak knife, police said.
There were conflicting reports initially over whether the parking valet who halted the attack, Didarul Sarder of Warren, lost his job for bringing a gun to work.
Jill Nagel, spokeswoman for the Chicago-based valet service, SP+ Corporation, that contracts with GM, said Thursday that Sarder "is not nor was he ever terminated." She said Sarder was placed on suspension per company policy -- although she did not know if it was with or without pay- - until the incident is investigated internally.
Green said Thursday that police understood that Sarder’s employer is keeping him, but he will not be back at GM.

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