Wednesday, February 24, 2016

News Flash: Bank STOPS bribing politician

Actual news headline:

PNC Bank Suspends Contributions To NJ Congressman In Wake Of Anti-LGBT Statements  Headline is a link if you want to read the article.

My first inclination is to question, "Why is my bank, with razor thin operating margins, in the business of bribing politicians?"

My second reaction is...."We are so corrupt that a bank NOT bribing a politician is a newsworthy event."

Some folks, those with skin in the game, will bristle over my use of the word "bribe".  How can it be otherwise when only "contributors" have access and influence.

The world has become very strange.  Businesses and tycoons and special interest groups contribute freely to both sides of the ballot to ensure they will be "heard" by the winner.  Somehow, politicians overlook the fact that the only advantage they gain from these contributors is the NET contribution vis-a-vis the "other guy".

This is a crazy world.

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  1. Why would anyone be anti-LGBT? It's the best sandwich known to man. I speak, of course, of the Lettuce, Guacamole, Bacon, and Tomato. On either white or toasted wheat, it's a wonderful lunch, or late night sandwich. How anyone can be anti-LGBT is beyond me.

    Unless we're talking about something else.

    And, no, banks shouldn't be bribing anyone.


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