Friday, February 26, 2016

Super Predators

Do you believe that a disproportionate share of the violent crimes in America are committed by a relatively small share of the people who have fallen afoul of the law? 

Bureau of Justice Statistics  Take home quote:
"A sixth (16 percent) of released prisoners were responsible for nearly half (48 percent) of the arrests."
Most cops will tell you that the same names come up over, and over, and over again when the crimes are aggravated assault, armed robbery, shootings, car jackings and the like.  The challenge is not figuring out who did it.  The challenge is finding enough "admissible" evidence to convict.

These "super predators" are highly resistant to resocialization and are destined to either die a violent death on the street or to spend a major portion of their lives in prison.

Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton was challenged at a recent event when a guest pilloried Mrs Clinton on some statements she made regarding "super predators" twenty years ago.

Nobody ever disputed the factual basis of the "super predator" theory.  Nope.  It was discarded because it cast certain races in an unfavorable light.  The theory became tainted with the label of "racists".

If, as a process engineer, I find myself with a process equally affected by incoming material and process parameters, and if I find that one particular source of materials is "fussier", then it is simple pragmatism to adjust the processing parameters for the "fussier" materials.

Denial only results in a higher scrap, or incarceration, rate.

Feeding Donald Trump

Some might lay this attack at the feet of Bernie Sanders supporters.

Few consider that this turn of events benefits Donald Trump even more than it does Bernie Sanders.

Who are you going to believe:  Your lying eyes or good, socialist theory?

Donald Trump's supporters want to puke every time they are forced to say white-is-black, good-is-bad, left-is-right, up-is-down, blacks cannot be racists, GLBT is automatically better.....

Hillary had to eat this turd and smile while doing it.

Nothing damages the "Democratic Brand" more than their stark denial of the reality that is staring everybody in the face.

Who loses?

Data Source.  Murder victims/offenders, FBI statistics for 2013 by race.
The number of White victims by other races is almost exactly what you would expect with 13.2% African-Americans and 17% Hispanic.

African-Americans represent 44% of this nation's murder victims.  And it is almost entirely at the hands of other African-Americans.  Based solely on percentages, one would expect 100 Black-on-Black murders (5723*.132*.132)  Clearly, something is causing Blacks to kill each other at rates that are 22 TIMES HIGHER what simple statistics suggest.

Blind worship of victimology hurts minorities far more than it hurts the over-all culture.

Empathy for Mrs Clinton

I have empathy for Mrs Clinton.

Twenty years ago she made a factual statement.  Now she finds herself in the position of having to apologize for stating what is-and was-blatantly and obviously true.

Every person toiling in corporate or government American completely understands her dilemma.  And that is why they want to vote for Donald.


  1. Dems and Truth are seldom if ever on the same page, or even in the same building... sigh

  2. Dems and Truth are seldom if ever on the same page, or even in the same building... sigh


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