Monday, November 24, 2014

Windy Weather

Wind gusts up to 60 mph (100kph).  Black Locust trees whipping like fly rods.  Ground is soaked.  Some of the other locals have lost power due to tree branches into the power wires.  Gonna be some flooded basements tonight with the sump pumps down for the count.

High winds affect my internet connection.  I don't know if it rattles my wireless antenna and messes up the aim or if it is the rain.  So tonight's post will be a simple one.

Stay out of the weather as much as possible.  40 Fahrenheit (5 C), rain and wind kills more people due to hypothermia than sub-zero weather does.

Downed power wires are NOT 110V.  Stay back..heck, stay WAY the heck back from them.

Grab your sweetie, light some candles, crack open a bottle of wine and put on some romantic music.

Be safe.  Yeah hear?

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