Monday, November 24, 2014

Suddenly I am a Rock Star

This has been the most unexpected turn of events and I don't expect it to last long.

I was transporting the kids last Wednesday.  The weather was crappy and I was attending to the driving. 

And then it seemed like Belladonna was asking a bunch of "kind of" random questions.  I had been answering them with the portion of my brain that was not driving and not paying that much attention.

Finally, I asked, "What's that all about?"

"I am playing Trivia Crack with Shea." Bella said.

"Who is 'Shea'?'" I asked.

Bella said, "name redacted's mom."

Suddenly, my kids want to spend time with me

Kubota thought it sounded like fun.  Ping somebody who you know thinks they are way smarter than you are.  Mention Trivia Crack.  Then smack them down.

Belladonna has specialized.  She is now stalking the boys who graduated last year and are attending "prestige" universities.  She finds special joy in deflating "college men" who want to think they have risen above their origins.

The kids handle the recent history, music and movies from 2000.  I am relatively strong on ancient history (pre-2000), science, geography and literature.  There are a few holes in the database but it seems like they consistently nail 80% of the questions...with a little help.

My kids ask me how I can know some much.  I tell them it is what we had to learn to be able to graduate from Junior High "back in the day."  The truth of the matter is that the authors of the game gleaned much of their material from the Uncle John's Bathroom Reader series.  I figure that any book devoted to bathroom humor probably qualifies as "Junior High School" material.

They now get irritated with me when I leave the room.  It has become difficult to even read paperback books when both of them are banging on me, asking for information. 

Frankly, I am basking in the glow.  I doubt that it will last long.  Bella's friends will wise up.  The fad will fade.

But I have this blog entry that I can refer back to.  To remember when I was a Rock Star!!


  1. Congrats! And enjoy it while it lasts... :-)

    1. So far my favorite question has been:

      -Verb: To initiation the bursting of a balloon or bubble.
      -Noun: One who enjoys bursting or deflating egos.