Wednesday, November 5, 2014

"The Candidate" squeaked out a Win

For those who have been following my Election Trail posts, you know that I have been campaigning for a 33 year old, Iraq war veteran as he tried to unseat a standing Michigan State House Representative.

The results, with all precincts counted but results un-certified are:

"The Candidate"....17715 votes
The Incumbent......17403 votes


Nationally the Republicans had a very strong showing.  They will likely find they "won" a chance to hold the tiger by the tail.  Many of our challenges are the result of long term trends that will be tricky to unwind. 

Several years ago mid-Michigan had a seventy-seven vehicle collision.  It was a warm, balmy day in March.  The sky was clear and the pavement was dry.  In one quarter mile stretch, the warm balmy air rolled over a snow covered field and created a heavy fog bank.  Vehicle-after-vehicle went into the fog bank.  Many never hit the brakes or attempted to turn.  The collisions went on, and on, and on.

Few acquitted themselves well during the event because it required an unusual amalgam of caution and boldness.  The caution was to recognized the hazard, even though the traffic had successfully zoomed through many other local fog banks in other locations on the road.  The boldness was to slow down enough and/or bail out to the median or ditch.  It was not enough to take one's foot off the accelerator or tap-off the cruise control.

The Republican success will be short-lived if they cannot figure out how to co-join the correct kinds of caution and boldness.


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  2. I share your concern. McConnell has already stated "There will be no government shutdown.". So the power of the purse has been surrendered to Obama. What leverage then does Congress have left (other than super majority over ride of vetos, tough to do)? The framers of the constitution gave the power of the purse to Congress so that an out of control president could be reigned in. I am deeply worried that this new group of Republicans are for the most part not serious enough or possessing the resolve to do the tough things necessary to get this country back on track. Remember the mass horror expressed by so many at the last government shut down? Many, many people then claimed that the Republican brand was then permanently damaged because of it. Didn't seem to be the case on Tuesday.