Thursday, November 27, 2014

Seven Things (was going to be five)

Today I intend to savor, and be thankful for the following "things".


She puts up with a lot.  Our relationship evolved through the decades(!).  Wild passion in the beginning.  Early parenthood.  The trials of teenagers.  The stresses of multiple job assignments.  For almost two years I had a 6-day-a-week job with a 94 mile, one-way commute.  Now retirement.  She has been a Proverbs 31 woman through it all.

The Bill of Rights

I can blather on the internet.  I can go to the church of my choice.  I can pursue ballistic therapy.  I have protections against BS allegations from those who would use the powers of government as a blunt instrument or as a tool to acquire what is mine.

The Land

It is a peasant thing.  I am thankful for the equitable climate, the fertile soil and the abundance of life in my little piece of the universe.  All parts of staying warm and very well fed.  God is good. God is great...

The rest of my family

There are people who "divorce" their families because they cannot stand them.  Not me.  I have a great extended family.  I do a poor job nurturing the extended family but part of that is due to the effort I am investing in my most immediate family.  They have been like gravity:  Reliable, always there, keeping me tethered to the ground.

My health

Nothing is fun when you hurt.

My readers

I like you guys.  Thanks for reading.  Thank-you for continuing to check in, even after a string of mediocre posts.  Special thanks to Old-NFO who reliably comments and provides feedback.  Someday I will buy you a cup of coffee.

My pension

This seems trite but it is something I am thankful for.  I will spend Thanksgiving with Mrs ERJ's side of the family.  Several of them lost their pensions, one after forty years of service with the company.  We even worked for the same company.  Their division was spun off and went bankrupt.  My division went bankrupt.  Two separate courts handled the proceedings.  They lost all of their benefits.  I was "gifted" with mine.  It was purely the roll-of-the-dice.  Such events make one cynical.  Political expediency now seems to trump law. I do not consider my pension to be an immutable fact but think of each check as a gift.  Each check is proof that God has stayed the rapacious hands of pride, greed and envy for yet another month.

Be safe.  Have a great Thanksgiving.  God let us live another year.


  1. Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours sir! And one of these days I'll take you up on the coffee..., ;-)