Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Powderpuff Football

Belladonna is pretty stoked about playing Powderpuff football. This is her senior year and her last chance to play.  The Freshman women play the Sophmores tonight.  To be followed by the Juniors playing the Seniors.

I had agreed to let her play boy's varsity football as long as she was a kicker.  She did not accept that offer.  She wanted to hit people.

Powderpuff football is "flag" football.  That means that the ball carrier is not tackled but is stopped when her flag is pulled.  The blocking, however, is real.  Bella subscribes to Vince Lombardi's observation that football is not a contact sport, it is a collision sport.

Much to my surprise I have Belladonna's permission to share her weight(s).  That is 225 bench, 420 deadlift and 3something squat.  I can also share that she weighs about 14....but I am not allowed to tell you the units.

It should be an enjoyable game to watch. 


  1. Hopefully she does good, and comes back with all parts still intact... :-)

    1. Both Seniors and Juniors came ready to play. Final score was Seniors 16, Juniors 6.

      The Juniors had a quarterback with an arm. Their game fell apart as fingers got cold and muddy.

      The Seniors ran well had many players blocking.

      Belladonna scored one of the touchdowns on a sweep around the right side.

      Nobody got hurt. Only one, 15 yard penalty was assessed for "unladylike" language.